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What does Retweeter do?

Retweeter is a Twitter community builder that helps in promoting membersí profiles for them to grow their social network. As a directory, it provides a list of other Twitter users who belong to the same geographical region, people who have the same interests and hobbies, or those who just fall on specific categories that you may be interested with.

With the power of promotion, Retweeter gives you total control over your promotions and the people you follow. And because there is no automatic adding or any means that can violate your right to privacy, you are assured with a healthy social media community that is not violated for commercial gains.

Retweeter is an independent directory that has no direct affiliation, certification or endorsement from Twitter Inc.

How can you join Retweeter?

Joining is absolutely free and does not come with any financial or marketing obligations at all. For as long as you have an active Twitter account that has no bad record, a usable email address and the willingness to develop your own sphere of Twitter users, you are very much welcome to join.

As you start to build your community, you will also have the chance to earn and share credits that can be used for promotions. While the basic services come with no cost, you still have the option to upgrade your Retweeter account for better profile promotions through our various credit packages.

There is really no deadline for availing our credit packages. You can buy additional credits as soon as you sign-up or any time later. The best thing about this is that sending your payments is so easy for as long as you have a PayPal account.

We do offer a full refund should you feel like the premium service is not worth it in any way. (Please read our refund policy page for complete details.)

How does Retweeter credits work?

Retweeter uses a credit-based system of promotions. These credits are used to keep your own online community growing. As you join, 25 credits will be given to you for free.

As other users follow you, some of your credits will go to them, which they can use the same way to promote their own accounts and start to build a community of their own. Every time you share credits to your followers, you are also giving them the chance to continually follow your tweets and check your profile.

Similarly, you can also earn more free credits by following other users and letting them expand their community. The more users follow you, the more users you should check out as well to avoid using up all your credits without any replacements.

Another way of earning free credits is by sharing your own referral link to those who want to sign-up with Retweeter. For every new user you can refer, an additional 20 credits will be given to your account. The more new users you can bring to the community, the more credits you can earn.

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